Renewable Energy Systems Incorporated into Demonstration Buildings at the BRE's Watford Innovation Park

Planning conditions, building regulations and the desire to meet sustainability goals are all driving the adoption of renewable energy technologies by the construction industry. The revisions to Part L of the building regulations introduced recently have the potential to increase initial build or conversion costs in order to achieve lower running costs. At the same time building users are demanding lower energy consumption and ever higher commitment to sustainability to support their businesses and lifestyle.

To meet these requirements, clients, architects and contractors are adopting a variety of measures including energy efficiency and renewable energy systems to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, improve sustainability ratings and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Making the right choice of renewable energy technology is not easy and the most cost effective one may not be the obvious one. We at RS Renewables can assess the project requirements and recommend the most appropriate solution taking into consideration many factors including:

  • Energy generation requirements
  • Carbon reduction needs
  • Project cost
  • Code level requirements
  • Planning constraints

Once the most appropriate solution has be chosen, RS Renewables can help you implement the project by:

We provide a full range of renewable energy consultancy, advice and project services.