Solar PV Feasibility Studies

PVSYST Performance Solar PV Graph

A Solar PV Feasibility Study will examine your proposed installation site and take into account various factors including shading due to surrounding buildings and landscape features, electricity usage profile and many other factors. Using the industry standard PVSYST software various system designs can be modeled to select the most appropriate solution.

Different types of PV modules, orientations and balance of system components can be tested to see which gives the optimum performance under different conditions. The effect of shadows at different times of the day or year can also be modeled.

A comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations is included with this service and includes a comprehensive financial analysis using the industry standard RETScreen software.

Here is a video clip of a PVSYST simulation of a solar PV system. The clip shows three scenarios: i) mid-winter when the sun is at its lowest in the sky; ii) The equinox when the sun is at an average height in the sky; and iii) mid-summer when the sun is at its highest in the sky.

Comprehensive shading analysis is best performed using recent survey data from the site. One of the most cost effective methods of obtaining up-to-date survey data is through an aerial survey using a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) commonly know as a drone.