Aerial Thermal Imaging

Renewable energy generation plant operators face many challenges including:

•Timely fault detection
•Controlling costs
•Maintaining yields
•Addressing warranty issues

An excellent tool to address these is Thermal Imaging:

•Lower cost compared to physical inspection
•No scaffold or access equipment required for rooftop surveys
•Repeatable tests to provide comparative results

When Thermal Imaging is combined with a Aerial Surveys using a UAV, an airborne camera can cover a much larger area than a ground-based camera in a much shorter time leading to efficient operation.

Solar PV Aerial Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a method of diagnosing faults with solar PV arrays. By looking for thermal anomalies. Otherwise invisible faults become clearly highlighted.

Thermal imaging can be used to assess the performance of solar PV systems, look for individual solar PV module faults and aid with warranty claims.

RS Renewables PCN Level 1 trained operators use high resolution thermal imaging cameras to IMG_3301identify poorly performing PV modules in ground-mounted and rooftop PV arrays. Thermal imaging provides a quick method of assessing the condition of large PV arrays using a variety of camera mounting technologies including telescopic mounts and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

As well as surveying PV arrays for potential faults, thermal imaging can also be used to examine buildings for heat loss.

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