Wind GWind turbines convert the movement of air into electricity. Wind turbines work best in clear open spaces where the flow of air is uninterrupted by obstructions. Wind farms are typically located where the wind is predictable and strong.

Individual wind turbines can be used to supplement local electricity needs. They can be installed for use by householders, small businesses, school and community projects. They demystify the technology and make energy generation and consumption more individual.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Wind turbines come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular being the 3-bladed horizontal axis wind turbine which is used almost exclusively on all wind farms. Other designs are available including this vertical axis turbine.

To get the most out of a wind turbine it must be carefully sited in a suitably winding location away from obstructions. Selecting the right location requires careful analysis of the terrain and local weather conditions as well as historical meteorological data. Other factors such as planning restrictions and grid connection must also be taken into consideration.

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