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  • Smart energy meters giving readings up to six times too high, study finds

    Smart meters are giving readings up to six times higher than the energy consumed by households when connected to energy-saving light bulbs, according to scientists. Source: Smart energy meters giving readings up to six times too high, study finds

  • Where should we put our wind turbines?

    12/02/13 11:17 Filed in: Wind We need to adopt a pragmatic approach to wind turbine location rather than burying out heads in the sand, says Rob Such. Love it or hate it, wind energy is an important part of the energy mix second only to hydro-electric. Opinions around wind power can become quite polarised for […]

  • Solar PV is an affordable investment

    04/01/13 11:12 Filed in: Solar PV Rob Such of RS Renewables looks at the benefits of investing in solar. The UK solar PV market has dramatically changed since the Government introduced the Feed-in Tariff in April 2010. Back then there were a few thousand solar PV installations in the UK, mainly funded by grant schemes […]

  • Electricity prices will continue to rise, so what’s the answer?

    06/11/13 11:21 Filed in: Electricity It’s bad news, inflation busting electricity price rises are set to continue for some time. But there are ways to reduce the pain says Rob Such. There has, quite rightly in my opinion, been a lot of negative press recently regarding the above inflation increase in electricity prices we face […]

  • An electricity generation system the Victorians would be proud of

    15/11/13 11:23 Filed in: Electricity It is time that we started thinking of renewable energy technologies as our primary source, asks Rob Such. The established energy supply industry often likes to ridicule what we used to call “alternative energy” now known as “renewable energy” saying it isn’t a serious method of energy generation. However I […]