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RS Renewables Ltd is headed up by Rob Such B.Sc MIET is a renewable energy consultant with more than 30 years experience of working with complex technical solutions and a variety of customers from a broad range of industries including banking, telecoms, utilities and manufacturing as well as public sector clients. He is experienced in solar PV and small to medium wind projects, hydro electric and all forms of renewable heat generation. Rob works with clients as their “trusted advisor” translating the language of technology spoken by the renewable energy technology providers into business benefits understood by board members and senior management.For further details of projects and customers and to download case studies visit the Projects page.

Rob works with a network of associated consultants that expand the range services he can deliver.

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Read Rob’s blog entries on the 2 Degrees Network website.2degrees Offical Blogger 2014

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Using Wattstor to mitigate energy price rises

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Here is a video that includes an interview with Rob talking about residential battery storage systems.


“In my experience of working with Rob Such, I found him to be diligent and focussed, and always offered a highly efficient service to E.ON. Rob has an exceptional knowledge of renewable technologies and has helped E.ON to establish an embedded delivery team. A highly professional and detailed individual, Rob will always deliver first class results. “ Jamie Brookes, E.ON Sustainable Energy Solutions.

“Rob did a great job managing a complex multi-national project. He bridged the gap between different languages and business cultures.” Phil Davis, Co-owner Segen Operations España S.L.

“The report was fantastic and gave us a real insight into the possibilities for using renewable energies in this school. It will enable us to put a long term plan in place. We are looking forward to saving on our energy bills in the future.”
Pat Kerton, Head Teacher at New Scotland Hill School

“When we decided to build our low carbon house we wanted to be as carbon neutral as possible. To achieve this we engaged a specialist renewable energy consultancy to work with our architects. Rob took the initial requirements for a low carbon energy source for our house from feasibility study through design to finished implementation.” – Lord Strasburger

“Rob Such has been an vital part in Infinite Energy’s ability to deliver over 2MW of commercial solar PV projects in the last 3-years, with the largest system he worked on being a 525kWp roof mounted system in Hertfordshire.  In his role as technical director he has overseen all of the technical aspects of each systems installation as well any planning issues and has made an important part in Infinite Energy’s ability to successfully deliver these projects on-time and on-budget.” – Sam Tilley, Managing Director Infinite Energy

“Many thanks for agreeing to speak at yesterday’s event and taking the time to come down to Cornwall. Despite the minor panic over the number of chairs, both the presentations and the morning seemed to come together very well! You will be pleased to know that delegate feedback forms rated the master class ‘good to excellent’. In addition to being oversubscribed, a number of delegates took the time to personally comment that they had both enjoyed the content of your presentation and welcomed the opportunity to learn something new. I would like personally like to thank you for taking part and the contribution you made to making yesterday’s event a great success. Thanks again” – Stuart Farmer, Smart Cornwall Business Development Manager, Cornwall Development Company


We work with several carefully selected partners to deliver our projects and services

Alfresco Cook Logo 4 sml Making homeware from reclaimed materials.
anient A multi-disciplined sustainability and renewable energy consultancy.
WattstorDesign and supply energy management and battery storage systems

ired logoLeaders in Infrared Thermography


And the RS Renewables Ltd’s logo, what does it mean? It is inspired by the ancient Greeks who believed everything was composed of one or more of the four elements:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

These elements are sources of energy:

  • Earth – Heat is extracted using a ground source heat pump, energy crops are grown in the earth.
  • Air – The wind powers wind turbines, air source heat pumps extract heat.
  • Fire – The sun is a ball of fire providing solar energy in many forms, biomass is burnt to produce heat.
  • Water – Running water powers hydro turbines, waves and tides can be harnessed as well