Thermal Imaging

Burnt cable due to overheatingElectrical wiring and switch gear faults are not often visible until it is too late. Once charring of the insulation or signs of smoke damage are visible the damage is already inflicted. Poor electrical connections can result in circuit failures or worse, a fire. Periodic thermal imaging of the electrical infrastructure using an infrared camera can be used to detect overheating faults in wiring and switch-gear before they become a safety issue such as exposing live conductors or causing a fire.

Thermal image of an overheating cableTo a trained operator, a thermal image camera can non-intrusively identify hot spots such as that shown on the termination of the central cable in this image. This indicate a potential fault. Such faults can be proactively investigated by skill engineers and put right before they become a safety issue resulting in unplanned down-time or worse, plant damage or injury to operatives and staff.

RS Renewables PCN Level 1 trained operators use high resolution thermal imaging cameras to IMG_3301identify electrical faults and thermal anomalies in PV modules.  The non-intrusive nature of thermal imaging with infrared cameras ensure quick efficient diagnosis of potential faults with the need to shutdown operating plant.

When combined with Aerial Surveys, thermal imaging of PV arrays is an essential tool in the operation and maintenance toolbox.